Hi everybody. It’s Mary with Nelson Nursery and Water Gardens, and I have everything you need to do an organic lawn program to fertilize your yard and keeping it healthy and beautiful all through the year. We’re going to start here in February by using a pre-emergent called corn gluten meal. This will prevent any weed seeds from germinating and stopping weeds right at their source. We’ll follow up at the end of February by putting on a compost top dressing of Nature’s Way leaf mold composts, quarter inch thick, and fertilize with MicroLife Multi-purpose 6-2-4.
In late March, early April, we want to put a remineralizer into that grass. I like to use Azomite; It’s the best one out there. Get that out into the lawn, get your roots and your soil looking healthy. And you can also use the MicroLife Humates Plus. It’s a concentrated compost. One, two punch with your remineralizing and your compost.
Now, in April, early May, you’ll do another round of the compost just to make sure you’re having great aeration in the soil. Then in June, we’re going to do the program all over again. Prevent weed seeds that happen in the summer from coming out, compost, Azomite. And when we get into the fall, be on the lookout for problems like brown patch. Brown patch is a fungus that’ll cause your grass to die in brown circular patches. You just use MicroLife Brown Patch and then follow up with Ocean Harvest. You’ll do a spring of that, which will encourage the grass that hasn’t died to grow into that dead spot.
We have this wonderful program on our website, It’s our organic lawn program. And guess what? You can do it and have a beautiful lawn year round.