Finding Your Frozen Star Jasmine


Plants like this star jasmine we would usually consider an evergreen shrub that could go through any winters, but this winter was different. So you can see that this one has lots of burned foliage on it, it doesn’t look very pretty at all. It probably won’t bloom this spring, but the main goal is to save this plant and get it going for next year. So what we want to do is cut back any of the burn foliage down to where we get to some good green growth. The outside of this plant protected the inside of it. So the roots are still good, the interior of the plant is still good. We just need to get rid of all this burn stuff.

Once you are done clipping all the burned ends off it’d be good to fertilize it with some sort of fertilizer, whether it’s something synthetic like color star fertilizer, or one of the micro life products, that’ll kick it into gear and let it know it’s springtime again. And it’ll put out new growth and cover up all that old burn stuff that’s left on there.