Hi everybody. It’s Mary with Nelson Nursery and Water Gardens. And I was just thinking to myself, “What can I plant now where I’m going to get something pretty quickly?” Well, I have an array of seeds that you can plant directly into the ground, and you’re going to get produce in 65 days. That’s just about two months.
Carrots are wonderful, easy to plant. You want to put them directly in the ground. None of these go in seeding trays. You want to make sure they go directly in, because they’re root vegetables. Root veggies don’t want to be disturbed once they start to grow. And lastly, I’ve got lettuce and arugula. These, you can reseed every two weeks and continually have a harvest all the way through. And if you keep these guys watered your lettuce and arugula could even get you through the summertime. So plant these guys now, have a nice bountiful harvest in about two months. You can do it.