Joey: That is not a tomato cage.

Dany: Oh. Joey’s got some great information for us about how to plant tomatoes and how to grow tomatoes. Joey, how do I do this?

Joey: That’s right. So as soon as you’ve gotten your good garden soil put in and your MicroLife fertilizer added to the soil, you’re ready to plant. Sometimes the planting is the easy part and what you do after that is more important. So you’ll plant your tomato plant either level or a little bit deeper than where it was existing in the pot there.

Dany: Okay. So you’ve got two little buddies on yours and I only have one on mine. That’s okay?

Joey: That’s okay. Sometimes there’s two seeds in the pot and just let it do its thing.

Dany: All Right. Here we go. I’m going to go real deep. Now I know I always kind of massage the roots a little bit. Should I pinch this off?

Joey: You should. Yeah. If you’re going to, a lot of times when you plant them deep, if they’re tall, they’ll put out roots along the sides.

Dany: Okay. So I’ll take this leaf off.

Joey: And that will just make a healthier root system. Yep. Take that little one off.

Dany: Okay. As deep as I can go down there.

Joey: Yep.

Dany: And I’ll just cover it up. I’ve got a pretty deep.

Joey: You did good.

Dany: And I know tomatoes needs structure.

Joey: That’s right.

Dany: So I brought it tomato cage. Check this out. I’m ready to go.

Joey: That is not a tomato cage.

Dany: Oh, that’s just-

Joey: That, the smaller ones are more for peppers, eggplants, things of that sort.

Dany: Okay.

Joey: Really you need at least a 48 inch tomato cage to support the big weight of all the tomatoes that you’re going to have.

Dany: Wow.

Joey: And you can even use something decorative.

Dany: Okay.

Joey: Like this one.

Dany: So even a pretty one like that can work because it has the support, has a structure, and guides. Wow. That’s really pretty too.

Joey: Yep. Not bad.

Dany: Not bad. And then we follow up with some good fertilizer and then we’re good to go.

Joey: Good to go. Awesome.

Dany: Ready for some tomatoes.

Joey: Okay, thanks. Thanks Joey.

Dany: You got it. More great information go to