Dany: Mary brought something really awesome for us today. What is it, Mary?

Mary: Oh, well, Dany, I think you’re going to have to find out.

Dany: Okay. All right. I’ll start. Is it, oh rue and fennel, too, pollinator plants that-

Mary: Eh.

Dany: Oh, okay. All right. Ooh, lady bugs. We’re going to do a release and see-

Mary: No.

Dany: Okay.

Mary: Cool but no.

Dany: All right. Oh, one of my favorite gardening tools, gloves. I can’t tell you how many times-
No? Okay, it’s not, well I do love gloves though.

Mary: Keep going.

Dany: All right, so you got, oh, two winter herbs really great for growing in the winter.

Mary: They are good, but not quite what I’m getting at yet.

Dany: Okay, put those over there. We got a couple more herbs. Oh, catnip. This is a great way to kind of involve your pets in your gardening.

Mary: No, not about pet gardening, either.

Dany: Okay, well there’s nothing else here, but a bucket.

Mary: The bucket.

Dany: Oh, huh, yes!

Mary: The bucket is my favorite tool in the garden and, as you can see, I can use it for when I’m pruning.

Dany: I can, too, same with this.

Mary: I put all my excess things in there and then a 40-pound bag of soil is pretty dang heavy.

Dany: That’s true, that’s true.

Mary: And I can’t handle it. So what I do is I put my soil into this bucket when I’m going out into the garden, I put my leaf mold compost when I’m going out and I can take this thing and I can put it on my hip and use it to spread all of my soil, all of my soil amendments, and then it’s also a handy dandy carrying tool. So I put everything I need into this bucket when I’m going out and about around the garden and it’s just the best tool around and any bucket will do. You see you used this bucket.

Dany: I did, nice cute red one.

Mary: Without even noticing it.

Dany: But a nice shallow, wide bucket’s really great for gardening, underrated garden tool.

Mary: It is.

Dany: Thanks, Mary, for the surprise. For more information, go to