Dany: Whoa, Whoa. That’s it?

Joey: Quarter inch is all it takes.

Dany: Wow. That’s not very much. Joey’s got some great tips on how to accomplish top dress. So start me off your Joey. I get a handful.

Joey: Yeah.

Dany: This fine leaf mold compost. You want something that’s fine enough to settle into the blades of the grass and it’s easy to get over complicated on this because you just need to put a little bit out and your hands are a great tool. Now, what kind of depth are we doing this now?

Joey: All you need is a quarter inch.

Dany: Whoa, Whoa. That’s it?

Joey: A quarter inch is all it takes.

Dany: Wow. That’s not very much.

Joey: That’ll help the grass fill in, in thin areas and also encourage the grass to grow in to areas that don’t have anything at all.

Dany: Yeah, because that was a bare patch before. And so we have a little bit of mounding here. I like using a rake to get in and you can get the top side to spread it out, and it’s a lot smoother on the grass, not tearing anything out. So a blower too, can be really good for blowing it in.

Joey: Right. Whatever it takes to get the compost settled in below the blades of the grass.

Dany: Okay. Awesome. To get soil contact.

Joey: Right.

Dany: That’s where the magic happens.

Joey: The magic.

Dany: Well, thanks Joey.

Joey: All right. Sure.

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