Joey: Grab onto this and climb all the way up.

Dany: That is so cool. Any problems that cucumbers have?

Joey is going to teach us how to plant and take care of cucumbers. Joeyy, what’s our first step?

Joey: First step as always is having a good garden mix. We’ve got that ready to go. We always need some good MicroLife fertilizer. Kick your garden off. Doesn’t take a whole lot. You can sprinkle it on top of the soil and let it work itself in. You can put some in the bottom of the hole after you dig it. Either way.

Dany: I’m going to do both I think. I’m going to put some on top and around.

Joey: That’s right.

Dany: So these are not like tomatoes. We don’t need to put them real deep. No, kind of get them in there.

Joey: Right at the same level that they’re in the pot.

Dany: Okay. And then as care goes on, I know that they’re heavy feeders cause they make a lot of cucumbers.

Joey: That’s right. So you’ll probably need to fertilize them again. You always want something for them to climb on, a trellis, tomato cage or something decorative like this one.

Dany: Okay. Yeah, this is really nice. And with something like this, maybe I can get two different varieties on there, get a couple of different types of cucumbers.

Joey: That’s right. One on each side. They’ll develop little tendrils and grab onto this and climb all the way up.

Dany: That is so cool. Any problems that cucumbers have throughout the year, bugs or anything like that?

Joey: Not a whole lot. You’ll sometimes need to treat for mites a little bit later.

Dany: And then what time of year do I need to be planting cucumbers?

Joey: You don’t want to plant them too early. They’re really sensitive to the cold. So about early March is a good time to do it. And if you plant them then throughout the season, you should be able to get about 25 to 35 pounds of cucumbers per plant.

Dany: Wow. That’s a lot. My daughter loves cucumbers. She’s going to love this.

Joey: Well, there you go.

Dany: Well, thanks a lot Joey.

Joey: All right, thank you.

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