Joey: There’s things almost at all times of the year that you can grow in a garden like this.

Dany: That’s pretty awesome.

Joey: Yup.

Dany: Joey is here to teach about square foot gardening. Joey, what is that type of vegetable gardening?

Joey: So basically it’s gardening in a small area like this, which most homeowners only have a small backyard and just fits perfect in there.

Dany: Definitely.

Joey: This is a four by four garden box made of cedar. Cedar is a almost like a naturally treated wood and it’s a longer lasting wood than most others.

Dany: So it does matter what kind of wood you use?

Joey: Definitely matters what kind of wood you use.

Dany: Okay, so look for cedar out there if you can find it. What’s the point of this sort of grid we’ve got laid out?

Joey: This is to help you kep track of things. If you plant seeds in one section you can keep track of that, it’s quadrant one or-

Dany: Oh, my gosh, because I always forget what kind of seed I put in, that’s awesome.

Joey: Yeah, you can accidentally plant your lettuce seeds on top of your carrot seeds.

Dany: Yeah. Then you’re all mixed up.

Joey: You know what happens then.

Dany: Also, I can see an advantage is different plants are different sizes.

Joey: That’s right. Things like peppers are going to be a smaller plant so you could plant those in one of the smaller areas. Then again, tomatoes are going to take up this whole two by two area here, so you would want to plant those in the larger spot.

Dany: Yeah, so that makes a lot of help too for spacing. You want to know the in size of your plant, the mature size?

Joey: Yeah, they look nice and cute when they’re this small, bug they’ll grow.

Dany: Is it good to always have plants in a garden like this, just always keep it growing?

Joey: There’s things almost at all times of the year that you can grow in a garden like this.

Dany: Which is pretty awesome.

Joey: Yup.

Dany: Lastly, what kind of soil are we looking for for vegetable?

Joey: You want to use a good, well-decomposed garden mix. A good garden mix consists of top soil, compost, sharp sand, and you’ll always want to add some sort of vegetable fertilizer, like the MicroLife.

Dany: Okay. Awesome. Well, thanks Joey.

Joey: All right, thank you.

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