Dany: Say the name again. It sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

Diane: Monstera Deliciosa.

Dany: Monstera Deliciosa. Diane and I are here with a really, really cool plant, Monstera Deliciosa, which Diane knows a lot about. We’re kind of showing you some of the cool elements of it. Diane, go ahead, show us some cool stuff.

Diane: Yeah, really exciting. This is a gorgeous plant, it’s actually in the philodendron family. There are a lot of plants in that plant family, but this is one that’s especially exotic and fun. As you can see this the structure of this leaf is very architectural, it looks really cool.

Dany: It’s so cool.

Diane: Yeah, there’s a lot of different fun elements to it. Dany, can you see this right here? This is one of my favorite things about it.

Dany: Yeah. Well, that really showcases the new leaves come out as a whole leaf. Pretty standard philodendron leaf, a heart shape. But then slowly right, they start to divide. Look at this one here, it’s heart shape, but it’s starting to divide up like that, and then you wind up with this really elaborate decorative, almost like mask. They’re so cool. How would I take care of this? It’s an indoor plant.

Diane: It’s an indoor plant. It actually likes bright light.

Dany: Oh wow.

Diane: You want some good bright light. It does climb, it actually will climb, you can see how the root system is right here-

Dany: Yeah.

Diane: – so it can be trained to climb. If you’ve got a big space with big windows, it would be really cool there.

Dany: Oh cool.

Diane: It likes to be, and any house plant really this is a gold good rule of thumb, it likes to be on the drier side, so I would deep water every 10 days or so.

Dany: Okay.

Diane: I mean with a specimen this large you want to water it deeply, let it soak in and water it again, and then I would go about 10 days in between.

Dany: Got ya.

Diane: If the plant is in a smaller pot-

Dany: Yeah.

Diane: – you’re going to adjust according to the size of the plant.

Dany: What about adding nutrition back in? You mentioned seaweed is a pretty good choice.

Diane: Yeah, for house plants and especially Monstera’s, I think liquid seaweed is the perfect fertilizer.

Dany: Oh awesome.

Diane: It won’t burn the plant. You can use it every couple of weeks. It’s water soluble, so you can do it at half strength, and it’ll keep it really nice and happy. The root system will be vigorous and so will the foliage.

Dany: Thanks so much. What a cool plant. Say the name again. It sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

Diane: Monstera Deliciosa.

Dany: Monstera Deliciosa. Thank you very much, Diane. For more great information go to