Dany: Souvenir mug or an adorable expressive thing and boom, pet plant. Today we’re exploring a new concept, pet plants. Diane, what is a pet plant?

Diane: So pet plants are really cool. Pet plants are for people who don’t have a lot of time like college students. Young people who want to nurture something, have a small plant to take care of. This little Haworthia in the sugar skull is a pet plant.

Dany: Okay. So this little hens and chicks is a good one, a little succulent.

Diane: Yeah, succulents are great because they make little rosettes that you can pluck out and put into another little container and then you have a pet family.

Dany: So take an adorable plant like this Golden Crested Rat Tail and I just slide it into a cute little container, coffee cup, souvenir mug or an adorable expressive thing and boom, pet plant.

Diane: Yeah, I mean you can get really creative. This little plant, I can’t pronounce the name, so I’m going to call it-

Dany: [inaudible 00:00:55].

Diane: There you go. I’m going to call it pillow plant.

Dany: Oh, that is cute. So pet plants can have cute new names.

Diane: They can. Yes.

Dany: So you would take that and you would put it in a small container, easy to take care of. So succulents sound like great options.

Diane: Succulents, cactus, Haworthias are great because they’re really slow growing. So slow growing plants that have a small root system are perfect as pet plants.

Dany: That’s awesome. Well it sounds great for a dorm room. Maybe I’ll consider giving some to my college daughter.

Diane: Exactly.

Dany: Awesome. Well for more great information, go to