Gabe has weeds in his lawn even after he put down winterizer. Well, the winterizer is more of a fertilizer that’ll help build the roots over the wintertime. Not really going to take care of the weeds. This time of year you can use the Weed Beater Ultra. It’s a cool weather herbicide that you can spray right over the top of your St. Augustine or Bermuda. After that, you would want to go ahead and use the MicroLife Humates. that is going to build the soil and the root system of the grass over the winter so that way in the spring it’s ready to spring into action. When it warms up just a little bit more, you’ll want to put out a high nitrogen fertilizer to kick the grass into gear and get it growing. And last but not least, you’ll want to do a pre-emergent, like the Barricade here. That’ll sterilize the weed seeds before they germinate.