Dany Millikin: A unique way to connect with gardening is by choosing a color palette and really committing to that. Anita has assembled a really cool gray palette here that I think is really breathtaking.

Anita Nelson: I think you call this a moon glow garden.

Dany Millikin: Moon glow. It’s a trend to do these grays.

Anita Nelson: Yes. So, we’ve put together plants that have the grayish foliage or they have very hairy foliage or a bluish cast. And all of those things indicate a plant that likes to grow in full sun, and dry soils, and will tolerate really tough arid conditions. Which are not always here in Houston. So, I put it in a container, that you see right here, so you have a little bit more control over the drainage.

Dany Millikin: What that does is it makes it really great for poolside or on a patio, something like that, where you’re going to maybe tend to it a little more often and see it more often.

Anita Nelson: And one little tip about being poolside is a high pot does not get the splash into the pot. It’s that chlorinated water, plants really don’t like it.

Dany Millikin: Well, that’s a great way to decorate too by having a really cool tall pot like this. And Anita has got one of her awesome pot liners in there, so you can change these things out real easy without digging way, way down.

Anita Nelson: Yeah, you can just lift it right out.

Dany Millikin: So, what are some of these plants? I know you got the spillers here. This is [willisdemodia 00:01:16], big fan of that.

Anita Nelson: Lamb’s Ear, which is a favorite.

Dany Millikin: Okay. The fuzzy one, yeah. Cute.

Anita Nelson: A lavender. This is called Dusty Miller, it’s used all over Houston in commercial plantings. And then we have the dianthus, which is a spring and fall bloomer. So, it’ll have the gray foliage for the summer, but then it’ll give you a pop of color in the cooler months.

Dany Millikin: But this is such a cool concept, and such a cool execution. I love it with the big wide pot, I think it’s gorgeous.

Anita Nelson: I love it too.

Dany Millikin: So, for more great ideas, great design ideas, plant ideas go to