They are so adorable. Does it matter what variety I use? Joey’s here. We’re going to talk about planting onions because onions are the food most people eat.

Yes, I would say so.

So you start with these little sets, look at those little cuties. What kind are these?

Those are the super sweet 1015 onions.

They are so adorable. Does it matter what variety I use?

Yeah, it’s important to plant the right varieties. Onions are daylight sensitive, so you have to plant the right varieties for the right area. So be sure you get them from somebody that knows the difference.

Okay. And these 1015s are good to do-

They are-

… early spring.

Yep. They are the most popular variety for our area.

Okay, awesome. How big will they get?

Just like the size you buy them at the stores, four inch diameter on the bulb.

That’s awesome. And it’s not too complicated to plant them. Let’s see how.

It’s pretty easy. You want to plant them about seven or eight inches apart. Just stick your finger in the soil deep enough to bury the most of the white part.

Probably not seven, eight inches there. More like a…

I’ll get you a tape measure for Christmas.

Oh, that’d be great. So there we go. Got these in. What kind of fertilizer they like?

They like a high nitrogen fertilizer.


You want to do that about 30 days after planting. And then every 30 days from there on out until they ripen.

Okay. And then about how long until I get to start harvesting some onions?

It’s about 100 to 110 days. So a little over three months. It takes a while, but they’re very low maintenance, disease and insect resistant.

That is awesome.

[inaudible 00:01:19] to grow.

So I can do them in my big veggie garden. Could I do them in something like this?

Sure you can. Yeah.

That’s awesome.

Well drained planting soil will be fine.

There you go. Well, onions 101. Thanks a lot, Joey.

You got it.

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