Danny Lenderman:

We’re here at the Fairy Gardens at the Enchanted Forest. I am Danny Lenderman here to talk about a few products today to help stave away our heat-related problems. This is MicroLife Humates Plus. This is the time of year to put this out. This is a great soil booster, not necessarily a fertilizer, but a great remedy to help with the heat and all the humidity that we’re having right now. Builds the soil, helps drainage, and retain water at the same time.

This is basically compost in a bag, so it’s easy to put out, makes a really good soil at the end of the day. This for our new plants, this is Nelson’s Genesis. This is a great transplant mix for all the new plants we’re planting right now. This is a tough time of year for new plants to get established, but this really goes a long way in helping those little guys get started.