Clay Lenderman:

So these are mealy bugs. These bugs love to be on hibiscus in the summertime. If you’ve had a hibiscus in July and August in Houston, you’ve probably seen these insects. A lot of times you’ll find them at the tops of your hibiscus. They like the fresh new growth. And so when they do is basically suck the life out of your plant. So a way to deter them is to cut off the affected areas and throw it away. But also to use products like malathion, acephate, and even using isopropyl alcohol and dabbing it with a Q-tip, that’ll take care of them if it’s in a small amount. But if you have a large infestation, using those chemicals like acephate would probably be the best option. They’re a booger. They’re a thing we deal with every summer. Found these on our daily checks on our plants. So this guy’s going to get treated up and we’ll have him fixed up and ready to go back out.