We’re going to talk about a few different types of tomatoes today. So there’s basically cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes and medium-sized tomatoes. So for a slicing tomato, Big Boy is a popular one. They are going to be the full-size ones that you’ll slice, and that will fit on a hamburger, one slice. So great, big tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, Juliet are a really popular one. They’re going to produce most of the season, heavy producers, great for putting whole in a salad or whatever you like to do with whole tomatoes or just snacking. There’s medium-sized tomatoes, like the Better Bush there. And the bush-type varieties are actually suitable for putting in containers. They’re more compact and won’t overgrow a container. When you get a full-size tomato in a container, then they will dry out. They’ll be top heavy and blow over and just create a whole lot of problems. So using the bush-type tomatoes in a container is the way to go.