Hi everybody, it’s Mary with Nelson Nursery and Water Gardens, and there’s nothing like a brand new garden bed to fill up with all sorts of things. Now, this bed right here is actually going to be a vegetable garden bed, but I have to prep it before I can get my veggies in. The way I do a new garden bed prep, I’m going to start with a mixture of a landscaper Pride product called Landscaper’s Mix, and the top soil. These two mixed together make a perfect setting for any garden bed and any plant.
So I’ve mixed the two of them together, put them into my bed here, and I flattened it all out. And, I’m going to do a top dressing of that Nature’s Way leaf mold compost. That’s going to add in all sorts of microbes and micronutrients that are going to get into my plants and make them all healthier to eat.
When it’s time to actually plant, all I’m going to do is make an appropriate sized hole, sprinkle in MicroLife 6-2-4, throw my plants in. This is brand new soil, so I don’t have to amend anything, and everything can get growing. So that’s how you can do a new garden bed.
If you’re doing an existing one, very simple. That top layer of soil is probably a bit depleted, so add a nice mixture of this on top, probably about an inch. Follow up with that leaf mold compost. And when you put those new plants in, just make sure you fertilize. Top dress with leaf mold compost, and then end with a mulch top dressing.
So, happy planting, and you can do it.