Kathy wrote in. It’s asking about the bulbs that are good for planting now in winter. This is a paperwhite bulb, that I’m holding here. It’s pretty clear on this one, that there’s a top and a bottom. The bottom being the area with the roots coming out, the top being the area that’s sprouting. Some bulbs it can be more difficult to tell which side is up, but if you plant it in the ground at the right time, it’ll figure it out and be successful on its own. But pointing it upright is the first step to success.

Here are some bulbs that are already started and growing. This is again, a paperwhite bulb about to bloom. They’ve been in these pots for about 30 days, month. Amaryllis is another great one, a large bulb that sends up a really beautiful flower. The great thing about paperwhites and amaryllis is that, if you plant them in your garden, they can actually naturalize, and come up every year. So it’s not just a seasonal thing, not just a one time thing. Plant it in your landscape, and you’ll get a nice surprise come springtime.