Zach: You can take newspaper or just some recycled-

Dany: Zach be careful.

Thorns can be a messy part of gardening. Zach is here to give us some solutions how to deal with them. So we have some cactus up here that agave, but roses, it’s a bushy plant. What are some ways to deal with this stuff?

Zach: So roses have a lot of thorns, a lot of small thorns working with them. You can get scratched or poked. It’s important to have rose gloves or gauntlets.

Dany: Look at these gauntlets. I got some right here.

Zach: We’ve got some here.

Dany: Oh.

Zach: Those are all right. These are-

Dany: Yours are way better.

Zach: These are leather. They’re going to prevent poking and scratching a lot better than cloth gloves will.

Dany: Gotcha. So that’s a thing to look for. Now, we think of cactus as being really common for it. But look, even this lemon tree… Look at that big old thorn right there in the lemon tree. So you want to be careful on a lot of different plants.

Zach: Yeah, most citrus do have thorns. There are some without or some with really small ones, but it’s something to know and be aware of with fruiting trees. Some of them have thorns.

Dany: So a lot of these smaller cacti too. Maybe you don’t have rose gauntlets to handle them. So there’s some other things that you can use. Maybe just stuff around the house.

Zach: Yeah, you can take newspaper or just some recycled-

Dany: Zach. Be careful.

Zach: It’s okay. I’ve got a paper and I can use that to safely grab and pull out and plant cactus.

Dany: That’s awesome. And I know you have a really great tip for fertilizing thorny plants also.

Zach: Yeah. If you want to keep your distance from things, a liquid fertilizer would be great. We’ve got some root stimulator here which can act as a fertilizer stimulant. But that would be great for fertilizing all of these things.

Dany: Absolutely. And if you can’t find this exact one seaweed is a great thing to go forward just kind of automatically.

Zach: Absolutely.

Dany: Well that’s awesome. Thanks. Thanks man for protecting us.

Zach: Thank you.

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