I’m here with Zach Buchanan and we are talking about seeds. What are those?

Those are peat pellets. You get them wet, they expand. You plant a seed directly in there, get it to grow, get a root system on there. You can plant it directly into a larger container or directly into the ground.

So I’m going to give it a go here. So I just kind of sort of shove it in a little bit.

Yeah, not too deep. Just below the surface.

And these things will keep it moist.

As long as you keep them watered. Yes.

Okay, so eight. I put one, two in each one. How’s that go?

You could do two and then thin it out later but chances are you can get away with just one in each pellet.

I’m going to go for it. I’m going to put one in each. Get it in there. Now I see there’s 12 in this kind of carton. What is the deal with this?

So this is a great device, very simple. It’s just a little mini greenhouse for your peat pellets. It helps keep the moisture in there, keeps them wet and helps them germinate.

That’s so smart. A little mini greenhouse. So cool.


And then I’m used to this. This is how I normally have done it in little containers and so one, I know planting depth can be a real issue with people. People put them…

Yeah. Too deep is a problem.

Okay, so what’s the right thing. Is this is pretty good?

That’s not deep enough.

Okay too shallow.

You want to go a little deeper. Maybe about 16th or an eighth of an inch below the surface of the soil. Just kind of covering it up like that. That’s great.

And I’ve seen a lot of people kind of stick their finger in a hole. That’s too deep.

That’s too deep.

I’m going to drop it down. That’s never going to come up. So don’t do that.

Don’t do that. That’s wrong.

Do what Zach says. Barely cover it up. So we’re getting these three going again. If I wanted to I could put two or three in one of these and then I’d have to thin it out a little later or separate it.

A better chance for germination and a larger plant.

Yeah, because there’s a lot of seeds in this packet.

You get a lot of seeds out of a seed bag. That’s one of the benefits of getting seeds is you have a lot of chances at making a plant or you just get a lot of plants out of it.

This soil’s super fluffy.

This is a pro mix, a seed starting mix. It’s very fluffy. Seems like it’s going to drain well but actually it’s retaining a lot of moisture to help those seeds germinate.

So don’t plant them too deep and make sure they stay moist all the way through the seed process.

Two big tips for seed starting.

I love that. Thanks Zach.

Thank you.

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