Dany: And this kind of technique will work for other root vegetables.

Zach: You could use it on things like garlic, onions.

Dany: I really want to start growing ginger at my house and Zach’s going to help me out. So we’ve got some soaking in water. What’s that all about?

Zach: So, you want to soak ginger overnight, to absorb moisture before planting.

Dany: Okay.

Zach: That’s what we’ve done here.

Dany: And we’ve got it pre-soaked already. So here’s a piece of ginger. Anything to point out, about this?

Zach: Yeah, we’ve got the stalk that’s beginning. We’ve got some green poking out.

Dany: Okay.

Zach: That needs to be pointing up.

Dany: Okay, so it goes in like that. How deep do I put it in?

Zach: You want to put it about an inch to two inches below the surface of the soil. Inch and a half would be excellent.

Dany: Okay, there we go. Cover it up. Anything I should add to this, to make it kind of work a little bit better?

Zach: So, ginger, being a root, a root stimulator would be an excellent thing to add after planting.

Dany: And, I guess, that’s why you brought this to the table?

Zach: Exactly.

Dany: Root trench. So this is a really good one. And what about aftercare? Fertilization, watering, stuff like that.

Zach: So, once it started sprouting, you can fertilize with MicroLife. Any MicroLife will work. You just want to take a little in your hand, sprinkle it out on the soil and kind of work it in.

Dany: Nice. And then, when I water that, it activates. And this kind of technique will work for other root vegetables?

Zach: Yeah, it can work for anything. You could use it on things like garlic, onions, caladiums bulbs, all these things.

Dany: And, I know I can get ginger at my HomeShow Garden Pro, but I’ve seen ginger also at like grocery stores and stuff like that.

Zach: Yeah. And that stuff works too. I know I’ve had experience, where it starts showing some green. Just stick it in the ground.

Dany: There you go. All right. Now, you can make your own ginger. Very easy to use, an enjoyable spice/herb. Thanks Zach.

Zach: Thank you.

Dany: For more. Go to