Dany Millikin: Because of our mild Houston winters a lot of times mosquitoes can be a real problem, can really dampen that gardening fun. Anita brought us some really cool mosquito stopping inventions for us to checkout.

Anita: And all of them are deep free.

Dany Millikin: Oh nice. All right what do we have here?

Anita: Well the first one’s an old fashioned solution and people my age remember using these coils that you would light and the smoke would deter the mosquitoes. This particular one hangs from a tree and it’ll take hours and hours for it to finally burn out.

Dany Millikin: That’s awesome. So, if you have your coffee spot out by the garden, something like that and it’s like yard art also.

Anita: It is.

Dany Millikin: And then this is the same thing but it’s more of the traditional incense.

Anita: Yeah, it’s an incense stick and I use this when I’m working in the garden and it’s smoking and it deters the mosquitoes. And when I moved to the next spot I just pick it up and move it with me.

Dany Millikin: That’s a great idea.

Anita: This will burn for hours as well and when you’re finished with it and you still have more to go you just poke it out in the soil, just snuff it right out like that.

Dany Millikin: That’s so great. I love that. And then I do know about the Patio Egg. This is a great invention.

Anita: It really is. It has an oil in it that deters the mosquitoes and you just hang it near your front door or your back door and it’ll keep that battalion of mosquitoes that are always hanging out at the back door waiting to dive bomb you when you step out that back door you won’t have them there anymore.

Dany Millikin: And then it comes with this oil which you can restock like you guys sell restock for that oil.

Anita: We do and it just takes a tiny little bit. You just fill it up about two tablespoons or so and every month you replace it. So it lasts for a long time and it smells nice too.

Dany Millikin: And it’s adorable.

Anita: It is.

Dany Millikin: And then another adorable thing I’ve never seen these. These are bracelets?

Anita: They are little bracelets, wristbands or ankle bands and if you wear these mosquitoes won’t come near you.

Dany Millikin: That’s so cool.

Anita: Yeah. Last summer I had some visitors from Great Britain and I gave each one of them a band because I was worried about the mosquitoes with them and neither one of them had a problem the whole time we were here.

Dany Millikin: Well that is awesome and then they have them for kids too.

Anita: Yeah, a little kitty cat or a baseball.

Dany Millikin: Perfect time for Astro season. That’s great.

Anita: Yeah.

Dany Millikin: Well awesome. So mosquitoes can be a problem but they’re easy to handle if you just apply some excellent strategies.

Anita: And no need to spray yourself with that.

Dany Millikin: Right no need.

Anita: I hate that stuff.

Dany Millikin: No need. Well, awesome. So for more great videos and more information go to