Dany Millikin: When people want to convert their landscapes to native gardens, a lot of times Salvias are a great gateway native. Zach brought us some of his favorite Salvias for us to check out. Zach, what’d you bring?

Zach Buchanan: Well, for starters, I brought just some various blue ones. This one is a Deep Oceans.

Dany Millikin: Sally fun.

Zach Buchanan: Sally fun. They’re coming up with all these new ones.

Dany Millikin: Right.

Zach Buchanan: Which are great and it gives you a lot of variety. This one’s called Rockin’ Fuchsia. It’s got a really unique kind of deep maroon color.

Dany Millikin: And the fuchsia flowers which are really pretty.

Zach Buchanan: And the fuchsia flowers. Yeah, it’s a great one. This Misty Salvia right here.

Dany Millikin: Classic.

Zach Buchanan: Very similar to the Deep Ocean, but different.

Dany Millikin: We’re going to tell you, just looking at on the Deep Ocean really has an upward growth.

Zach Buchanan: Yeah.

Dany Millikin: And that can really give you some more order, a way to kind of keep track of this stuff, where this Misty made is a little more wandering.

Zach Buchanan: Yes, definitely. Another kind of wanderer is Salvia Greggii.

Dany Millikin: Oh yeah.

Zach Buchanan: It comes in a lot of different flavors or colors. This one is pink, although not blooming. It’s got a bright deep pink flower, a lot smaller than all these other ones-

Dany Millikin: Right.

Zach Buchanan: But more of them. So it still makes a big statement.

Dany Millikin: Absolutely. And these actually you can shape into a hedge.

Zach Buchanan: Yeah.

Dany Millikin: A shrub. So these are really controllable, really a bushy plant.

Zach Buchanan: And it stays a little smaller than other Salvias so it can change up that height dynamic.

Dany Millikin: And speaking of bushes, you’ve got a butterfly magnet over here.

Zach Buchanan: Yeah, this one is my favorite. It’s Mexican Bush Sage or Salvia-

Dany Millikin: Classic.

Zach Buchanan: And it, it is classic because it really doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. I tell customers it gets about three to four feet tall and three to four feet wide, has this silver green foliage and then it gets covered with these spires of purple lavender flowers. And I think it’s just unparalleled as far as Salvia and beauty.

Dany Millikin: Salvias are so great because if you want a space that you don’t have to worry about, but you want it to be attractive and bring in butterflies, they’re a great option.

Zach Buchanan: And they take a lot of sun and they don’t need a lot of care to give you that show.

Dany Millikin: Yeah, sounds like a pretty easy plant to grow. Thanks Zach. So for more go to