Danny here with Zach Buchanan for Buchanan’s Native Plants and we are talking about fungi. Not because he’s a real fun guy, but because it’s really important to get them in your garden.

Absolutely. So the first thing we’ve got is Pro Mix. Pro Mix is a great seed starting soilless mix. All the pros use it. This one is great for seed starting because it has mycorrhizal fungi mixed in it and that’s a beneficial fungus that attaches to the roots of your plant and creates a symbiotic relationship where it’s helping the plant out and the plants helping the fungus out.

Really extending the roots also. So Pro Mix is so great because it’s fluffy and light but it has that fungi in it. So what are these two little guys in front of it?

So these are just straight uncut mycorrhizal fungi. If you wanted to add it to your own soil mix or just add it to new plantings, whether that’s in containers or in the ground, this is a great thing to kind of prevent transplant shock and get those plants a really healthy start.

Which you always want that to be near roots.

It needs to come in contact with the roots.


And similarly we’ve got MicroGro by MicroLife. This is another inoculant, it’s beneficial fungus that you’re adding to your soil. And I think it’s really important to mention and we’ll get to it, but beneficial fungus in your soil is going to help combat harmful fungus.

Okay. Because I was about to ask not all fungi is good fungi.

Absolutely, yeah.

Some are dangerous to your plants, but you’re saying the good ones will kind of chase away the bad ones.


That is so cool.

And another good way to foster and help that beneficial fungus is with humates. It’s a complex sugar that is really specific to fungus and feeding them and helping them develop and multiply and spread.

That is awesome. So over here are kind of if it’s up to you to stop the bad, fun guy, these are three good options.

Sometimes you get a problem that you can’t fix with beneficial fungus, and that’s where fungicides come into play. This one, this Revitalize is a bio fungicide, so it’s actually is using beneficial fungus to combat the harmful fungus. And that can be on leaf surface, it can be on stems and stocks, but a great product.

That really sounds like our best bet is to try to really improve and grow the good guys and let take care of the plants and chase off the bad guys.

Yeah, be proactive with beneficial fungus.

Awesome. Thanks Zach.

Thank you.

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