Dany Millikin: Weeds can be thorny, stinky, poisonous, or even just straight annoying, right? So Zach brought us some really cool solutions to fighting weeds in your beds and your lawn.

Zach: Yeah, well, actually, the first one is great for either gravel pathways or driveways.

Dany Millikin: Oh, yeah.

Zach: You can use it in your beds as well, but you’ve got to be careful. This is vinegar. It’s 20% vinegar, so it’s a little different than what you get at the grocery store, which is usually 5%.

Dany Millikin: Oh wow. That’s a big difference.

Zach: This is stronger. You can dilute it. I’ve heard a great recipe using orange oil with vinegar is a really good application method, but it basically kills everything and anything that it comes in contact with. So you’ve got to be careful, but it will do the job and do it safely.

Dany Millikin: Okay. So all plant material it touches is dead.

Zach: Yes.

Dany Millikin: Okay. Interesting. And what’s this next one? BurnOut.

Zach: This is a different active ingredient. I believe it’s citric oil or clove oil. So kind of the same principle is it’s just kind of burning out the plant, removing water from the plant, but in an organic way. This comes ready to use and you can just spray it on a thing, especially on a nice sunny hot day, it’s going to be most effective.

Dany Millikin: It’s going to fry that weed that you’re going to get rid of.

Zach: Definitely, yeah.

Dany Millikin: And this one’s real good on dandelions, on some of your early spring weeds that can be real rascally. The next one is the one I love, AgraLawn.

Zach: Yeah, this product is great, organic, it’s a powder. The active ingredient in it is cinnamon.

Dany Millikin: Oh, wow.

Zach: I’ve used it on clover too, even though it just says crabgrass killer? It works on other things too. And I’ve seen results within a day. If you put it on the weed in the morning, when there’s still dew on it, and it’s a nice hot sunny day, again, within a day you’ll see it turning black and dying.

Dany Millikin: Oh, wow. And I’ve seen great success with Virginia buttonweed, another wet loving weed.

Zach: Yeah, that’s a tough one.

Dany Millikin: You do want to wet the leaves of the plant you’re trying to kill before you put this on so it sticks there real good.

Zach: Yes.

Dany Millikin: So all of these work really well. I mean, they kill plants really well. That’s the goal of an herbicide.

Zach: Definitely.

Dany Millikin: This last one’s a little different category. It’s not really a plant killer. It stops the weed seeds from germinating.

Zach: Yeah, so a pre-emergent herbicide, whereas these would be post-emergent. The active ingredient in this is corn gluten meal. It’s a liquid version of corn gluten meal, so you can apply it with your hose and apply it to the lawn. You can put it in beds. What it’s going to do is keep that weed seed from germinating.

Dany Millikin: Yeah, so there’s that plant that’s a small little short plant, but it makes thorns, really frilly leaf, and you can stop its seeds from coming in next year. So you put this out in October and you won’t have that come spring, no thorns in your lawn.

Zach: Nice tip.

Dany Millikin: Thanks man. Great tips from you too.

Zach: Thank you.

Dany Millikin: Yeah. For more, go to