We are here with Zach Buchanan from Buchanan Native Plants. Were here to talk about perennials that flower in cool weather.

Yeah. There’s some great options for getting color in your yard in that time when you think things are dormant or dead.

Right. These are so cool. Look at those leaves.

Yeah, a common name for it is the tractor seed plant or Ligularia.

Oh, yeah.

The botanical is Farfugium Giganteum.


Yeah, very fancy.

Really cool. I’ve seen these planted in groups so you get five or six of them. You have a really nice effect in shade.

Nice statement. They bloom like these yellow Daisy like flowers.

So pretty.

Kind of late fall early winter, but great kind of summery look to your winter beds.

Absolutely. And it’s surprising. Kind of a surprise.


Then you have Linton Rose.

Linton Rose or Helleborus. This is not native to our area. Can go, has a hardiness up to or down to zone five, so it can get down into the negative twenties.

Oh my gosh.

It’s an evergreen, small perennial and it blooms this time, like winter early spring.

That is awesome.

And they have really striking blooms, a lot of different colors and shades.

And so you get a small shrub basically out of this-


10 to 15 inches tall. So you can do some border defining or something like that.


And then some really cool flowers-


Come wintertime.

Yeah. And finally another great option that can get-


Can get actually very large, but as an evergreen shrub as well is Camellia. Yeah, absolutely classic addition to your landscape. These are going to bloom in either kind of early winter or early spring. Late fall early spring but it’s a great addition, evergreen, hearty addition to your landscape.

Definitely. When nothing else is blooming, Camellia’s are blooming.


And look how just gorgeous and waxy those leaves are.

Yeah, it’s got this great bud here that’s about to pop open.

So fun. Well, what a really unique plants too. So just goes to show there is so many options for your garden. For more great information and stuff like this, go to