Zach and I are here talking tomatoes. So we’re going to plant something.

Yeah. So tomatoes are kind of unique where they like to be planted deep.

Oh, wow. Because that kills a lot of plants when you plant them too deep.

Absolutely. Yeah. They want to be planted deep because all the little hairs on the stems of a tomato when planted deep are going to turn into roots. And the deeper you plant it, the bigger root system you get.

Okay. So plant it deep. Now there are two stalks in here. Am I going to try to make two out of this?

Yeah, you can go ahead and try to separate them and try and get two plants out of one.

All right. Oh, got to get it out the bottom there. So we’re not too root bound, which is nice. So here I go. Carbon tomato. Tell me a little about the carbon variety.

So the carbon tomatoes’ kind of a mid size tomato, not too big, not too small, has a reddish black color to it.

I love that it’s tasty.

Yeah, in a really kind of substantial flesh when you cut inside to it.

So I’m seeing these hairs. Should I take off all these little leaves?

Yeah. Any leaves that are going to be covered up by soil, you want to pinch off.

Speaking of soil, tomatoes like a richer soil.

They want a nice rich, well draining soil. Right now, we’re going to use our Life Below soil. That’s Buchanan zone blend. And here.

So you guys crafted this soil for the Houston area to deal with our nasty clays.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s for amending Houston soil specifically. So we’ve got them at the bottom of the pot and now we’re going to add soil in there. We could even add some microrisal fungi to come in contact with those roots.

Okay. So I’m just going to get in making sure I get it next to those little stalks on the front. All right, nice. And this would also be a time to add a great organic fertilizer, but you’re going to fill this pot up all the way to the brim because we want these things as low as possible in here.

You’re right. We want it to be covered up and it’s going to make a shorter plant, but it’s going to make a better foundation for that plant.

More roots, more fruits. Good. A good rule of thumb. So why would I pot it up? Why not just plant it straight from the four inch container?

Well, sometimes you want to get plants started early and the season or the temperatures-


… and the weather might not be the right time for that, but you can get it started early in a container, bump it up. We’re growing from a four inch to a gallon size. You could even go to a two gallon size once it outgrows this gallon pot.

This was also a way to make one tomato into two separate tomatoes.

Yeah, you’re right.

Kind of increased our number of tomato plants. And we made a huge mess, which is totally fine. Well, I feel like that’s great. So maybe top it off with a little more organic fertilizer and then watch it grow.

Yeah. And enjoy.

Absolutely. Thanks Zach.

Thank you.

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